Band Bio



Heavy Hinges offer a singular and authoritative voice in music today. With a dark and soulful longing, Mayalou Banatwala’s dynamic vocals adorn textured, well-crafted songs with an authenticity that is both infectious and disarming. While rock & roll, r&b, and blues compose the scaffolding on which the band’s sound rests… older and more nuanced influences haunt their melodies, rhythms, and lyrics as well. From eons-old chain gangs to rock & roll icons of the late 20th century, Heavy Hinges’ mosaic of influence spans generations, culminating in an earthy and spirited sound that is deeply reverent to the past… and compellingly relevant to the present.
Heavy Hinges’ catalog has grown to include three remarkable releases to date, Mean Old City, Cause a Scene, and their latest and most acclaimed release… Lonely. As Heavy Hinges forge ahead, they continue to follow their instincts toward the next chapter in their unique journey as an emerging American band.