Band Bio



When Heavy Hinges came about in early 2012, their earliest sessions were taken on with heavy hearts.  Three of the five members had recently suffered heartbreaking and unexpected loss of loved ones and were still very much coping.  While the music they began creating was conceived from a place of sadness, what came forth was rather spirited and in a way celebratory… a revival of sorts.  The catharsis the band experienced together during these early sessions was critical, both for the band’s personal healing, as well as for the formation of their musical style and direction as a group.  Since then, Heavy Hinges’ music has progressed and evolved, reflecting the band’s experiences, both musical and otherwise, simultaneously evoking sentiments of joy and sadness; love and loneliness; determination and desperation.

Early in the group’s existence, Heavy Hinges found themselves gravitating toward archival folk songs performed by gospel groups and chain gangs. They felt a certain familiarity with the coarse, rugged textures of the music and the dark yet hopeful imagery within the lyrics. While songs from the distant past served as effective kindling for the flame they sought to nurture, they knew that a sustained fire would require fuel of their own gathering… So, they began foraging and stacking… one log at a time… patiently tending to the embers within their hearth. Sometimes smoldering, other times raging, the blaze over time burgeoned as and their sound began to take form…nuance and subtlety emerging organically over time.  While there was never any doubt that the pyre that is the Heavy Hinges sound would rest in he hearth of r&b, blues, and rock & roll… their reverence for the haunting rhythms and melodies of those old field recordings continued to provide inspiration and guidance… Now, after several years of performance, songwriting, and artistic growth, Heavy Hinges’ catalog has grown to include three remarkable releases, Mean Old City, Cause a Scene, and their latest and most acclaimed release… Lonely.  As Heavy Hinges forge ahead, cultivating their sound and expanding their audience, they continue to follow their instincts toward the next chapter in their unique journey as an emerging American band.