“…powerful, gritty, soulful…”

“An American Lilly Allen, Banatwala is able to belt out blues and soul just as easily as she can captivate you and make you swoon with her heartwarming charm.”

-Jim Nolan – WXVU

“…stirring and emotive’

-Rebel Noise

“Heavy Hinges manages to sound remarkably vital and “of the now” — despite the obvious vintage inspirations — thanks to the sincerity and vigor poured into each note.”

“Heavy Hinges’ Roots- and Soul-inflected Rock sound has only gotten more sublime with time.”

“MayaLou Banatwala emerges on Cause a Scene…with her perfect mix of Soul music’s expressiveness and Punk Rock swagger and sass.”

“…one of Cincinnati’s finest powerhouse vocalists, and Lonely again serves as a showcase for her elastic, soul-drenched voice.

Cause a Scene shows what can happen when great musicians spend extensive time playing together — the effortless musical intimacy and camaraderie makes the music jump from the speakers and grab the listener by the collar.”

Mean Old City bristles with a timelessness that has less to do with the classic genres flirted with throughout and more to do with the from-the-heart songwriting and playing.”

-Mike Breen – CityBeat

“The band may have started out channeling the spirit of old Gospel 78s and Alan Lomax field recordings, but they have graduated to an electric service that pumps like an oil derrick with a swing sweeter than Ted Williams.”

“Maya works a lyric with the dramatic/comedic flair of a 21st century flapper (and bangs that ukulele like Betty Van Halen) and the slippery rhythm section establishes the ever shifting heartbeat of the band with intuitive brilliance.”

-Brian Baker – CityBeat


photo by Brian Glass 2013